Know your laws from A to Z
Regulatory Technology Software

Testing Coverage

Azimuth GRC provides increased testing coverage at a lower cost through machine learning, automation, and a rules engine. The innovative approach for automating testing will let you focus on your business while Azimuth assists with Compliance and Quality Assurance.

Reduce Expense

Azimuth GRC automates manual tasks completed by the Operations and Compliance teams while remaining current with the continually changing regulatory environment. The team’s industry and software development experience enables us to provide you a functionally rich solution to meet your testing and regulatory management needs more efficiently than developing an in-house application.

Proactively Identify Non-Compliance

Azimuth GRC helps you identify potential non-compliance through its comprehensive inventory of federal and state laws translated into business requirements applicable to your organization.  The solution allows you to define and track how you meet the requirements of the law.

Product Capabilities

Federal And State Law Inventory
Business Process Mapping Of Laws
Regulatory And Operational Change Management
Automated Compliance Testing
Integrated Risk Assessments
Regulatory Response
Machine Learning