Azimuth GRC contains a complete inventory of federal and state laws.  Those laws are tagged by industry and tailored to your specific operation and geographic footprint.  With our search feature, looking for a specific law is easy.

Using a manual process can be time-consuming and require a lot of resources.  Azimuth GRC is an automated software platform designed to manage the multi-dimensional relationships within your business.  It creates a single source of truth in a collaborative environment that includes operations, risk, compliance, legal and audit.  The integrated workflow drives the steps necessary for regulatory compliance.

The platform is designed to be implemented simply and without the need for extra costs for professional services.  Companies can be up and running within 72 hours.  The platform allows you to distribute the workload to the accountable resources for an efficient implementation.  The exact time-frame is dependent upon the size and complexity of your business.  If an assigned area is responsible for 100 laws and they managed 10 laws per day, the platform would be fully implemented within 10 weeks.

The inventory of federal and state laws in Azimuth GRC is complete and does not require additional subscriptions.  Our proprietary software enables us to review law changes and provide customers with a redline version.

Users are provided with monthly updates in the Change in Laws module

The platform is integrated with Dev Express and contains standard reports and dashboards.  Users can configure ad hoc reports.  Data may also be exported in excel, .csc, and .pdf formats