Azimuth BRG Release

Jacksonville, FL – Azimuth GRC and Berkeley Research Group (BRG) are excited to announce the

signing of a strategic relationship to deliver unique products to help financial institutions
address pain points in their operations and regulatory compliance functions. As a part of the
relationship, BRG clients will have access to Azimuth GRC’s software platform among a menu of
technology service offerings.
Azimuth GRC is headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, and offers an automated regulatory
compliance platform integrating data, content, and software. The platform includes an
evergreen inventory of federal and state laws that have been converted into data. Lawyers and
compliance experts have mapped rules to categories and processes, with defined operational
requirements. The software engine is cloud based and facilitates mapping of operational
requirements to an organizations department, performing gap analysis and tracking
remediation. Once the platform is configured, Azimuth GRC provides ongoing automated
impact assessments, regulatory change management, and automated compliance testing.
“BRG is the right advisory partner for Azimuth GRC, with its deep background in financial
services and forward-thinking approach on leveraging technology to provide the best solutions
for its clients,” said Rohin Tagra, founder and CEO of Azimuth GRC.
BRG will provide advisory services to its clients to implement the Azimuth GRC platform,
assisting with regulatory compliance, regulatory change management, and risk assessments.
The partnership efforts were spearheaded by Michael Canale, John DelPonti, and Joseph
Sergienko, leaders in BRG’s Financial Institutions Advisory practice. DelPonti commented,
“BRG’s partnership with Azimuth GRC is an exciting opportunity for our clients to automate and
reduce the cost of their regulatory compliance programs. Our team in the Financial Institutions
Advisory practice is focused on delivering exceptional client service that is expert driven and
enabled by industry-leading technology. In risk and compliance, we focus on increasing
efficiency and risk coverage while reducing costs by leveraging technology. We specialize in
data analytics, process automation, and machine learning.”
In addition, BRG and Azimuth GRC will work to develop technology and intellectual property
that will enhance the way clients operate and manage risk.

DATE: Aug 14, 2020
AUTHOR: admin

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